November 2012

Message restricted to residents of Melbourne, Australia!

Anglo-Saxons who are not ashamed to sing in French without being labelled as motherfuc...!

"Aux Champs Élysées" by Walk off the Earth (Canadian indie band)

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~ If you don't live in or near Melbourne ~
Explanatory references:

The Gardian Melbourne bus abuse video puts Australian attitudes on trial

racist bus

– Herald Sun Police probe mob's racist tirade against bus passenger caught on camera
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Obviously, we in France don't think all Australians act like this because—sure—cela ne peut-être [*].....


PS: Australia's indigenous population had to wait until 2008 (Feb 13, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) to receive formal recognition of the genocide committed against them. Today, they have been pushed onto a series of "reserves" that effectively exclude them from the rest of the population, but even these are now being stolen from them to allow mining conglomerates access to rare mineral deposits found under the ground.


[*] this cannot be



FRANCE - April 4, 2014
gibefr writes:
Oui, je partage ton ressentiment et tes réflexions. Mais résumer cette lamentable affaire à un résultat sportif... ça je ne l'aurais pas osé !



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