Since this page was written in 2011, Kodak, the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of photographic film products, entered bankruptcy on January 19 2012 [1].
A world that has just disappeared. Really! At least for the photographers of my generation...

2009/ 2010 : The exceptional Kodachrome no longer exists!

On June 22 2009, Kodak announced the discontinuation of Kodachrome production.
And on December 30 2010, Dwayne's Photo
(last lab Kodak certified on Earth) announced it would cease Kodachrome processing!

Kodachrome was the first successfully mass-marketed color still film using a "subtractive" method, and remained the oldest brand of color film. It was renowned for its incredible archival properties, natural color and ultra-fine rendering of details.

For many years, it was used for professional color photography, and it appreciated in the archival and professional market.
Until recent years, in a world full of computer-aided color and less that is real, Kodachrome spoke volumes!

kodachrome slides

Its disappearance is a bit of a world that has just disappeared... It's the way of the world...

A world JUSTLY disappeared???
Perhaps not, perhaps REALLY not...

... at least to a certain extent, and not necessarily the lesser of two evils!

PROOF OF ... 1978:

~ "Aillaud" towers, Nanterre city (Paris region) ~
Canon F1/ FD 50 mm f 1.4 - Kodachrome 64

canon F1 ang kodachrome

35mm Film Canon CanoScan scanner FS4000US
scan photo
Slide scanned in 2005

Irony? "maison heureuse" —> happy home


french length Largeur : 80,45 cm - Hauteur : 120 cm - 300 pixels/pouce
     Width: 31.4 in         Height: 46.8 in         300 D.P.I.


... if I shoot today (January 2011) this photo above with my...
Nikon D700 AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4 MAXIMUM output (FX format, "Large" NEF/ RAW):

D700 performance

french length Largeur : 23,98 cm - Hauteur : 36,03 cm - 300 pixels/pouce
     Width: 9.45 in         Height: 14.17 in         300 D.P.I.

... and that, 75 years AFTER the Kodachrome arrival, and 37 years AFTER the Canon F1 release...


-- The passing of time...

Of course, this is the same tower... 33 years and "washed" green color later!

                    1978 - Canon F1 - Kodachrome 64                                 January 2011 - Nikon D700 - FX format, "Large" NEF/ RAW
Canon F1 - 1978 Nikon D700 - 2011


Note: I could not reiterate this 2011 picture exactly in the same location as in 1978.

Indeed, an additional tower (probably built between 1979 and 1981, date on which the housing development "Aillaud" was finished) had the bad idea to stand just where I had placed myself in 1978!
In addition, the ground levels also changed: 1978, I was quite a bit "above" the base of the tower, 2011 I'm a little "underneath"!

Anyway, comparing the two pictures above, we can also see an another newcomer(!) behind and to the LEFT of the tower of the "2011" photo.




[1]Kodak and its U.S. subsidiaries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and currently has a deadline until February 15 2013, to produce a reorganization plan.




UNITED STATES - September 21, 2011
Alex Garcia writes:
I loved Kodachrome! I still have today 2 films—very out of date—stock in my fridge.

FRANCE - April 15, 2014
Maurice writes:
Je ne sais pas ce que je regrette le plus ? Cette chère Kodachrome OU l'âge qui était le mien lorsque je l'utilisais... dans les années 90 !!!
Sans doute un peu le regret de ces 2 souvenirs.



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