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Forza Italia: art and way to fool honest people!

Milano, April 18 2008
What a crowd... around the former Italian Prime Silvio Berlusconi..!

what a crowd!
Source: http://attivissimo.blogspot.com/2010/02/berlusconi-su-photoshopdisasters.html (Italian language)


Well and good... but.... on thinking it over...

on thinking it over

Well, you don't see well? It's too small?
Let us look more closely...


Invert "left" and "right" selections above and approaching:

right copy left copy

... It's a way of looking at many people... no?

As for the flags, in spite of different sizes and gradients... the folds seem curiously similar...

drapeaux dupliqués

Are there all these people in the background?

all these people in the background?

Now I highly doubt it!


Then later, always thank you PhotoShop, The Gimp or another for:

photoshop flowers   74 years ago I say!

Decidedly, the Italian ex-Prime Silvio Berlusconi was a man who can nurse one's image...

... isn't it?

Silvio Berlusconi elegance




FRANCE - January 12, 2011
Christophe writes:
Les photos bidouillées de la "grand-messe" populaire ne me surprennent pas, on a l'habitude de ce genre de manips dans certains magazines, mais j'avoue que la dernière photo (à Bruxelles ?) vaut son pesant de cacahouettes.



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