If I did not appreciate initially a woman's glance...

My name is Daniel BERTRAND, first name and name as really French as John Smith in USA :-)

Between my passions intended to find one day—as my dear mother said—the chance to fall flat on my's face...

submerged in Corsica
Marine... mammal!

submerged in Corsica
Visit of wreck
after drop
Too bad the way back on ground!
Fold up and drop again?
biker in Corsica
Covered with leather

snowman passenger
(Vosgian mountains)
motor hang gliding near Paris
Solo with my school two-seater.
Be waiting for the student pilot?
(North of the Paris Region)

Souvenir photos 1970/ 1985
Shots by old forgotten pals
or self-portrait

hang gliding for me
          Close to the firs in "Markstein" (Vosges Mountains)           Summer takeoff in "Cap Blanc-Nez"
           (No! it's not this day that I intersected 2 fighters!)           (it was authorized in the old days...)


...I am a photographer...

building I photographed buildings and events, some historic and some forgotten the next day, film camera
significant (at that moment),    or far less significant people,
ship gynecologist
and boats, and sausages, and camemberts, and landscapes, and doctors...

In other words, whatever an independent photographer can do to try to make money!

Canon F1

Sweet and sensual vision

I wouldn't take a photo if at first I wasn't captivated by a woman's eyes. Yes, her glance! I am above all attracted by the eyes. If I did not appreciate initially a woman's glance, her eyes, I didn't believe I could reveal the softness and the sensuality of the female body...


The young—and less young—women illustrating this site are not professional or occasional models. Most of them never imagined they would expose themselves to the lens...   ...or to the eyes of the guy behind it!

- Are you kidding???
- I would like to but would never dare!

are in general the two initial reactions to my artistic proposals. However some of them take up the challenge, bringing along a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or coming as a couple.

And so my courageous models accept the challenge ! Perhaps it's because I convince them that it's not so difficult after all. And also because they all want mountains of photos, even if they believe:

- I'm always ugly on photos..!

That's a hell of a joke, or an excess of false modesty...

Canon F1

Another delicate point:

A photographer, even an ex-professional, always has an annoying tendency of trying to impose his vision of his "works of art" on his audience. Then,:

- May I show my photos of you to the whole world? (sic)

- Are you kidding???
- You bet!

Here's the proof that this isn't always the case!

Remember, I told you that I had lots of tenderness towards them...


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